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Estelle has written books, screenplays and articles and each of these are managed by Asmodelle Creative. Estelle’s screenplays have won 15 international film festivals awards and her books are for sale in 20 countries. Two of her books have become films. As well as written books she has two art books as well. Any rights and or licensing should be sought here. If you are a publisher then Asmodelle Creative will work with you.

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Estelle’s music is licensed to many online and physical music stores, both in CD format and digital formats. Estelle’s music has been in the top 50 in the UK and Australia. She was also nominated for the Australian Independent Music Awards. She plays in several different genre and has an extensive discography. There are several publishing companies that distribute Estelle’s music but licensing and usage is handled by Asmodelle Creative.

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Estelle’s visual art usually takes the form of paintings, which are most often large canvases. Estelle’s artwork have won over 50 International Art Exhibitions, and she has exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Rome, at galleries, art fair and even museums.  These are sold through various online and physical galleries but licensing for use of imaging is managed by Asmodelle Creative.

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Who is Estelle Asmodelle?

She is an artist, musician and writer…

Yep, she excels in many areas and it is important to know her work is considered by many as possessing a high level of artistic excellence. Asmodelle Creative is a small team of three people who manage all Estelle’s business dealings; namely Belinda (her sister), Pamela (licensing) and Tory (promotion). Please contact any of us here on this page.


Estelle’s screenplay, Pleasure Girl, has won 15 International Film Festivals for Best Sci-Fi screenplay and best feature script. Estelle has also written two books as well which are available in over 20 countries.


Winner of several music awards both internationally and within Australia. Also winner of Best Australian Independent Music Video and nominated by the Australian Independent Music Awards.


Winner of dozens of art prizes, some as late as 2023. Estelle’s work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Rome.

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